We transfer all forms of audio and videotape to CDs, DVDs or any digital media format * Reduce or eliminate tape hiss and unwanted noises * Improve sound quality with digital remastering * We bake and transfer recording studio archives * One reel or one-thousand reels---we’re here to save the day.

STOP! Don’t permanently damage or destroy your irreplaceable recordings… Audiotape sticks together on its reel after just a few years of not being played. These tapes must be baked to avoid being stretched or even snapped during playback. The Tape Baker can restore these recordings with special ovens. And with our with state-of-the-art audio mastering equipment we can also enhance the sound quality producing a cleaner, clearer transfer to CD or any form of media you wish. Whether it’s The Beatles’ vault of precious masters, Dad playing the accordion, or Grandma singing into a cassette recorder, The Tape Baker is the expert you need to do your restoration. © The Tape Baker.