Music by Joel Justin. Free licensing for your project.
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      Let me in

      Let me in (instrumental)


      Now (instrumental

      I'm Lost

      I'm Lost (instrumental)

      The hole in my heart

      The hole in my heart (instrumental)

      Let it go-Or give me up

      Let it go-Or give me up (instrumental)

      Lost Dog

      Lost Dog (instrumental)

      Hey, Hey it's me (instrumental)

      Feature Films Score Sampler

      Man in the Moon (piano & strings)

My go-to line when asked, "how ya doing" is, "just trying to stay in the arts". I started writing songs at the age of fourteen and quickly fell in love with the art of recording, learning the ropes in the tedious world of multi-track analog tape recording and editing, and becoming somewhat accomplished in every format since. I've had a song in the top 20 and countless songs have been used in feature films, television and international tv commercials. I've also produced albums for others, and have been a live sound engineer for some of the most popular entertainers on the planet. Along the way, documentary film making made it's way into my heart - and a great respect for all the tools invented for these ventures. I continue to do all of these things on a daily basis.

The songs on this page are new songs I've written and produced, and if you hear something you like, we can use it in your project. NOTE: the link will take you to a site with more than 400 of my compositions. I look forward to us working together - JJ